Employee Spotlight

April 2016



    Tony has tried many variations of assistants over the years with varying degrees of success, but mostly ending in frustration.  Tony was asked by Brian, who was one of his field crew members, to be given a chance in the position.  It didn’t take long for Tony to realize that this was the right decision.  Brian was the first person to step successfully into the position we now call Project Coordinator.

    Brian is very consistent, which is important because he is the daily voice of our company to our customers.  He is also slow to anger, which is another trait that is essential in his role.  Being responsible for getting accurate updates from the field every day, and then deciphering those reports to communicate to each of our customers on a daily basis, is no easy feat.  He does an excellent job of keeping track of everything job related, handling as many as 30 active jobs at a time!

    Needless to say Brian makes Tony’s life a lot easier. Tony finds it refreshing to have an advocate instead of an adversary in Brian’s position and is confident that Brian will continue to be the “Voice of Retrofit” for many years to come.

Brian Kellington

Project Coordinator

Retrofit Family Since 2014


1.  What have you gained from working at Retrofit?

      I have finally found my place.

2.  Do you have an office nickname?

      Busy B.

3.  Do you have a personal mantra or motto?

      Never give up.

4.  What do you do in your spare time?

      Golf and hang out with my “bonus” kids.

5.  What was your favorite toy growing up?

      Lincoln Logs.




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