Employee Spotlight

July 2015



     If they ever get ready to start cloning humans, Tony has the perfect candidate: James Dopson.  James is a model employee. He is the first one in line when there is a need and it’s always, “what can I do to help”. If something goes wrong on a job, he is the first one to take the blame, whether or not he is at fault.  He isn’t just a “yes” man either; he will stand up for himself and explain his stance.  If proven wrong, he will accept it and correct it. There is never any doubt where his loyalty is personally and professionally and he backs it up with his actions. James is extremely dependable and his word is his bond, which is the trait Tony values most about him; and the quality of his drawings is truly amazing!

     Needless to say we are very proud of James and Tony is very happy to have him on his team.  He is a perfect example of the kind of man that will take this company to the next level!


1.  What do you like most about your job?

 That I get to draw for a living.

2.  What is your personal motto?

 Put your name on it.

3.  What is your favorite sport?

 Football.  Chargers and Bruins all day long.

4.  What does your spare time consist of?

 Kids, Kids, Kids, and then golf.

5. What is something about you that would surprise people?

 I am a really good flare bartender.

6. What is something unusual that happened to you?

 I tried out for America’s Got Talent.

James Dopson

Project/CAD Designer

Retrofit Family Since 2012


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