Employee Spotlight


Jim McReynolds

Field Manager

Retrofit Family Since 1989



Jim was Retrofit's 1st employee back in 1989!  In his interview, when asked about his experience, he was honest and to the point on what he had and had not done.  He was hired on the spot because of his integrity, and Tony never regretted his decision!  Jim is known for being brutally honest and tenacious.  Over the years he has assisted in overcoming many challenges to solidify Retrofit's reputation as the company that can get the job done!  Jim is the backbone of Retrofit and we are lucky to have him on our team!  Retrofit would not be the success it is today without Jim, his loyalty, and his "old school" work ethic, that his word is his bond!


1. What do you like most about Retrofit? That there is constant change; every day is a different challenge. 2. Do you have an office nickname? Cowboy; my hard hat looks like a cowboy hat. 3. What did you want be when you grew up? An Astronaut. 4. What was the first concert you attended? ZZ Top and UFO. 5. What is something on your bucket list? Take an RV cross country with my wife. 6. What is one dish you have to have on Thanksgiving? Candied yams with pecans.


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