Employee Spotlight

December 2014

Mitch Elgin

Electrical Manager

Retrofit Family Since 2007



Tony first met Mitch in 1992 when Mitch worked for another electrical contractor. When Mitch informed Tony he was starting his own business, Tony was impressed, and a co-business relationship was formed.  After years of working together, Tony was finally able to persuade Mitch in 2007 to officially join the Retrofit team.  Mitch’s knowledge, integrity, and work ethic continue to prove that this was one of the best business decisions Tony has made!


1. Before Retrofit, what was your most interesting job? I was in the Marine Corp, where I learned to be an electrician. 2. Do you have an office nickname? The guys call me Eeyore because my tone never changes. 3. What did you want be when you were growing up? Own a dive charter business. 4. Who is your hero? Tony Stark (Iron Man). 5. What is something you want to learn to do? Weld. 6. What do you do in your spare time? Ride my motorcycle. 7. What keeps you motivated? My family and my Christian values.


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