Employee Spotlight

June 2017



      At Retrofit Technology, the work we do is physically demanding. Tony likes to point out that we can tell the men from the boys in a few short hours on the job site. Some of the bigger guys have been the first to fall, but not Rix “Scott” Robinson.

   Rix is not your average-size man.  Tony thinks he has a large build because his heart is so big.  Rix is always Tony’s first choice if he needs some help, but not because of his size; because of his attitude. Rix is one of the hardest working, “no excuses”, “do whatever it takes” kind of guys, that Tony feels lucky to have joined the team.

   Tony says that Rix is the poster child for “Retrofit Strong”, a motto that means more than just brute strength, but encompasses strength of character, commitment to family and co-workers, and pride in workmanship.

Rix "Scott" Robinson

Mechanical Crew

Retrofit Family Since 2015



1.  What do you like most about Retrofit?

 Being able to see the world from the top of buildings that

others cannot.

2.  What have you gained from working at Retrofit?

 A bigger and better family.

3.  What celebrity do people think you look like?

 UFC fighter, Brock Lesnar.

4.  If you had to choose one meal as your last, what would

it be?

 Hot Wings.

5.  What is something about you that would surprise people?

 For my size, I’m light on my feet.

6.  What is your favorite sport?

 Off-Road Racing.


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