Employee Spotlight

May 2017



 Tenacity, perseverance, not taking no for an answer, and not quitting until the goal is reached. No matter how you say it, this is the personality trait that best describes Tim Sharp.

     We had to lay Tim off during a slow time with the assurance that we would consider hiring him back when work picked up again. That was all Tim needed. He called, stopped by to check up, and continued to remind us that he was available and motivated to return to work. Tony was impressed by his desire and drive. As soon as work picked back up, Tony hired Tim, and Retrofit has benefited from that same drive and attitude on the job site that he displayed in trying to get hired. Tim’s “what’s next”, “what can I do”, and “come on, let’s get this done” attitude is contagious and it has made Tim one of our most sought after crew members.

       Tony likes to talk about how attitude is 90% and Tim is a perfect example of that. He is clearly one of Retrofit Technology’s rising stars and Tony is thrilled to watch him advance in the company.


Tim Sharp

Mechanical Crew

Retrofit Family Since 2015



1.  What have you gained from working at Retrofit?

 My life was in shambles before I came to work here. Now it’s not.

2.  What do yo like most about your job?

 That I know I’m coming here tomorrow; security.

3.  Do you have a personal mantra or motto?

 If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re 15 minutes late, especially if Tony is coming to the job.

4.  What is something on your bucket list?

 Own right hand drive by 35 and a home.

5.  How do you turn a bad day around and make it good?

 Little conversations with my 4 year old daughter, Abby.


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