Retrofit Technology Inc.



    Meet Our Team

Tony Grano


Kim Blair


James Dopson

Project CAD/Designer

Mitch Elgin

Electrical Manager

David Fuller


Kelly Grano

Business Manager

Brian Kellington

Project Coordinator

Jess Luna


Bill MacLean

Parts Manager

Joe Richard

Shop Foreman

Eric Rugg

Senior Foreman

Laura Ruiz

Service Advisor

Zaid Saadeh

Financial Business Analyst

Malyssa Tafoya



 Electrical Crew

Cory Burke, Mike Mooney, Mitch Elgin, and Pete Hines

 Mechanical Crew

Back:  Mark Hartwick, Travis Halliday, Kris Grano, Robert Terrazas, Jeff Teich, Phil Edwards, and Eric Rugg

Middle: Abel Corona, Rix Robinson, Jason Reynolds, and Isaac Hines

Front: Tim Sharp and Tim Nelson


 Tool Crew

Alfonso Romero and Andre Brink

 Service Crew

Scott Pilarcik and Sal Islas

Shop Crew

Back: David Fuller, Paul Kay, Wayne Allen, Eugene Isaac, and Joe Richard

Front: Alfonso Romero, Joel Andrade, Bill McLean, and Andre Brink

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